Pharrell said 'this girl is sick” when he produced on a song written by NSTASIA. Carving her own lane effortlessly, NSTASIA, a first generation Haitian-American singer and songwriter signed to Sony ATV, has already written for massive artists & producers such as Beyoncé, Major Lazor, Kelly Clarkson, Monica, Nicole Scherzinger, Rodney Jerkins, Jim Jonsin, and many more. 

She’s now breaking out on her own as the artist at the forefront with her new self-released New Religion EP out this fall. It features production by Ryan M. Tedder (Ariana Grande), A-TEAM (Boyz II Men, Quincy Jones), Sakpasé (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj) and more. The project showcases NSTASIA's undeniable ability to craft infectious melodies featuring her signature blend of genre-bending R&B infused with country and soul. 
She was born into music. Having spent all of her childhood in studios, her father was a classic live musician (played for Betty Wright, Eugene Wilde and more) who groomed her to be an artist and put his own music career aside to raise her along with her Grandmother. She left college after her sophomore year when she got signed to a co-publishing deal with Rodney Jerkins and EMI publishing in Atlanta, which was part of a big bidding war between Jerkins and Warner Music. Her music is inspired by her time in Atlanta, but as a professional songwriter she actually started off writing country songs as she's always had a love for its story telling, and has been writing ever since and soaring.
She’s currently in the studio working on some big name collabs that will be out this year as well.
“I’m so excited for music lovers to hear my fresh vibe. I feel my music is like gumbo. A variety of all the different tastes in sounds you fell in love with through time. It’s organic, it’s young and it’s real. It just feels good.” - NSTASIA